Body Confidence From the Inside Out
 by Penny Plautz
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Feel Fabulous In the Skin You're In

Welcome.  I'm glad you're here.

I'd like to think it's because you are full of confidence and eager to share the experience with the rest of us,  but I suspect the opposite may be true.  You may not feel so good about yourself and may be desperate to do something about it.  You may be searching the Internet in hopes that someone, somewhere has some program that will restore your confidence or at least alleviate the shame or pain you feel about your body.

I can't promise that my ideas or my book will be that "something" that will make the difference for you.  I can offer you some insight into how you got to this point and how or why you may be subtly sabotaging yourself.  But the hard stuff, the courage to put this information into action, has to come from you.  That's the only way it will truly work.

I have been a fitness professional for over twenty years.  There are plenty of programs that will intelligently guide you along the right path to health and fitness.  Some will tell you what, when, where, and how to eat and exercise. Many will get you the results you want if you follow the program faithfully. But many fail to mention the inner obstacles that require as much awareness as counting calories or carbs.

It’s not the obvious challenges that ultimately trip you up.  It’s the unexpected ones, the ones you never see coming, or fail to recognize. 

Body Confidence From the Inside Out explores the people, places, and patterns that have shaped your life and your body up to this point.  From this place of awareness, you can make different choices and finally get the results you desire.  You can do this on your own, join a Body Confidence group, or facilitating a BC group of your own.   

So what exactly is Body Confidence?

I define it like this.  It’s being at home in your body. It’s knowing you can respond to the physical and psychological demands you place on your body. It’s fueling yourself with proper nutrition so you can perform at optimal levels. It’s being able to interpret your body’s feedback.  It’s an appreciation of your sensuality. It’s a deep respect for the form that contains your remarkable spirit. It’s feeling fabulous regardless of your perceived imperfections.

Having said that, it almost defies explanation.  Like charisma, it's hard to put into words, but instantly recognizable.  And it comes in all shapes, sizes, heights, and weights. 


How is this approach different than others you may have tried before?

Basically, Body Confidence starts with the premise that there is nothing wrong with you. Believing things must be fixed, firmed, flattened, lost, lifted, liposuctioned, stretched, or strengthened before you can feel confident or comfortable in your body denies you the pleasure of being present in your body right now.  If you cannot recognize your innate beauty, intelligence, and strength, no amount of outer transformation will be enough.

Consequently, this isn't a book about losing weight, imparting the Absolute Truth about nutrition, being able to run a marathon, and lift the equivalent of a Volkswagen Beetle.  If any of that happens, consider it a bonus!

Body Confidence From the Inside Out is a book of bite-sized lessons and exercises that addresses the psychological traps that are likely to derail your best intentions and offers strategies to overcome them.


Who can benefit from Body Confidence?

I believe any woman (or man) of any age can benefit from recognizing, developing, and exuding Body Confidence.  I imagine if you are reading this page, you are either at war with your body, have spent significant time in the trenches, or work with and care deeply about someone whose body is her battlefield.

Some of you have waged this war for a lifetime. Others took up the fight after the birth of your children, a health crisis, a divorce, a death, a marriage, a career change, or other significant shift.  Or you may be  a teen or a tween convinced your body is betraying you.

In any case, it’s time to call a cease-fire. Body Confidence asks you to surrender your weapons of mass distraction and allow yourself to experience the joy of being in a body that can move, dance, skip, run, sashay, shimmy, or shake.

I'll post some exercises from the book on the Exercise of the Month page.  That will be a great way for you to get started and for us to interact.  

Thank you for visiting this website.  I hope you leave with a renewed appreciation for your body and the courage to make the changes that will allow you to feel fabulous in the skin you're in. 

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