Body Confidence From the Inside Out
 by Penny Plautz
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About Us

You know that saying, "We teach what we most need to learn"? 

Well, I must admit, Body Confidence has never come easily to me or been something I could effortlessly exude.  As a matter of fact, Body Confidence is something that is up for negotiation every day with me.  It is something that regardless of the way I feel, I must consciously choose to exemplify.  Practicing what I preach isn't always easy, but it's always worth it.

To help you understand what prompted me to write this book, I'll share an excerpt from the introduction of the book.


Despite evidence to the contrary, an amazing thing happens when a woman ages.  While the rest of the world may be writing her off as over the hill, past her prime, undesirable, invisible, or any number of euphemisms for women of a certain age, an inner feistiness festers.  Inevitably this feistiness erupts in a fit of fearless, and most astonishingly, a carnal confidence unbeknownst to her at an earlier age emerges.  

I did not know this when I was approaching forty.  Consequently, panic set in. I feared my inner Frump Queen would usher herself in and take over the next decade.  In a preemptive strike, I decided to write down everything I had learned about life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness - at least as it pertained to my body.  I considered it a manifesto for the woman who might not ever fit into a size six and refused to die trying.  I could also rant about aging gracefully and living a courageously quirky life.  If ever there was a time to shed the shame that shackled me to the insanity of a society obsessed with youth and physical perfection, it was now.

Yet without a compelling reason to record these convictions, I knew the zest I felt for my manifesto would pass as predictably as PMS.  So I created and email course called Body Confidence and invited anyone with an Internet connection to join me.

Over 60 women and men from around the globe agreed to participate.  It was a leap of faith for all in
involved.  None of us knew what was in store.  We just knew the idea of Body Confidence was worth exploring. 


This book is the result of several courses and over twenty years of teaching just about every kind of fitness class invented.  I do not have  all the answers, but I hope the questions I pose will lead you to your own version of the truth about who you are and how you can best exercise body confidence.

Here is a picture of me at a Women's Health and Lifestyle Expo with my book, cd, and step counters.  As I mentioned before, Body Confidence is constantly up for negotiation.  It is a choice to live consciously, live well, and live with intention and attention to what matters.  May you experience it every day!

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